The 2021 Tour

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Hello world!

Billy riding south on U.S. 101 around the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula.

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I arrived at Portland International with rain falling on the tarmac. At baggage pickup, I got my gear bag and then had to go to a separate pickup spot for out-sized baggage to get the boxed bicycle. I asked the guy who helped where it might be OK to reassemble the bicycle, and he suggested the southern end of the baggage claim area. A relief.

It was still raining lightly outside and although there was room outside to assemble the bicycle under a , there was a security person keeping the pickup and dropoff vehicles moving. They might not like the idea of me dawdling with my hex wrenches and screwdrivers surrounded by wheels and panniers and racks and baggage.

After assembling the bike, I went to the bathroom and changed into bicycle shorts and shirt and then wheeled the bicycle through a revolving door. Yes, a very big revolving door.

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